Peya Jakob

Peya Jakob Poems

1. The Lovers 8/27/2008
2. Now I Am 10/11/2008
3. Painting Faces. 12/1/2008
4. The Eyes Of God. 1/14/2009
5. The Shadow Of The Cross: Redemption. 1/21/2009
6. Save Me The Second Last Dance. 1/29/2009
7. The Second Last Dance. 1/31/2009
8. To You(I Think...) 9/21/2009
9. On The River Styx. 10/4/2009
10. On Death And Dying. 10/21/2009
11. This Sadness/The Darkness Approaches 10/19/2010
12. This Sadness/Time 10/19/2010
13. This Sadness/From Here Onwards 10/19/2010
14. This Sadness/Chapters Of A Life 10/19/2010
15. The Universe In My Soul/She Passes. 10/19/2010
16. The Universe In My Soul/ A View Of Heaven 10/19/2010
17. To You 2/5/2011
18. One For The Road 2/9/2011
19. This Sadness 7/1/2010
20. Winning A Losing Battle. 3/22/2011
21. What I Feel When I Am In Love With You 3/22/2011
22. The World I See 10/8/2011
23. Rememberance 11/5/2011
24. Rain(Haiku) 11/5/2011
25. Numb 7/23/2012
26. My Letters To Arianne 10/5/2012
27. My Letters To Arianne.5 12/26/2012
28. Human Desire Has A Soul 8/28/2014
29. I Asked God For Pain 8/28/2014
30. These Are Growing Pains 8/28/2014
31. Sometimes There Is A Light 8/29/2014
32. The Letting Go 11/1/2011
33. Salsa 3/27/2009
34. Postcards From Alpha Centuari 6/3/2009
35. To Death(An Ode) 6/12/2008
36. Unfinished 11/13/2007
37. Sing Me Home 12/31/2011
38. The Wooden Ballerina 10/25/2007
39. Yet Again 10/27/2007
40. Street Lamps In Heaven. 11/9/2007

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  • Dipo Tembo Dipo Tembo (11/25/2007 5:03:00 PM)

    Estatic poems jacqs keep them cumin

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  • Dipo Tembo Dipo Tembo (11/25/2007 5:02:00 PM)

    Estatic poems jacqs keep them cumin

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  • Dipo Tembo Dipo Tembo (11/25/2007 5:01:00 PM)

    Estatic poems jacqs keep them cumin

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Best Poem of Peya Jakob

My Life Without You.

Perfect moments are never long enough, and perfect dreams are always cut in half.
I stand alone were we once stood two,
in the place where i first saw you.
We played for the world and acted each a part,
but it is only i who hurts when our hearts beat apart.
I cry for every dream i had to forgo.
And my life seems insatiably long.
I dont know if i love you but i know this,
i am slowly dying without your kiss.
If i can no longer see your face,
then perharps without breath, i am in a better place.

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Street Lamps In Heaven.

I once had a thoughtful friend,
who loved me to trully to his end.
His admiring brown eyes never showed hate or fear to me.
He loved the earth so i see him stare,
at the world longing, wishing to be there.
He loved the shadows so i suppose he'll sit,
under trees of apples until we again meet.
He loved to live so i know he'll cry, and wish again that here, with me he could lie.
He loved to run so i see him trot, across heaven in his brushed fur coat.

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