Peya Jakob

Peya Jakob Poems

1. The Lovers 8/27/2008
2. Now I Am 10/11/2008
3. Painting Faces. 12/1/2008
4. The Eyes Of God. 1/14/2009
5. The Shadow Of The Cross: Redemption. 1/21/2009
6. Save Me The Second Last Dance. 1/29/2009
7. The Second Last Dance. 1/31/2009
8. To You(I Think...) 9/21/2009
9. On The River Styx. 10/4/2009
10. On Death And Dying. 10/21/2009
11. This Sadness/The Darkness Approaches 10/19/2010
12. This Sadness/Time 10/19/2010
13. This Sadness/From Here Onwards 10/19/2010
14. This Sadness/Chapters Of A Life 10/19/2010
15. The Universe In My Soul/She Passes. 10/19/2010
16. The Universe In My Soul/ A View Of Heaven 10/19/2010
17. To You 2/5/2011
18. One For The Road 2/9/2011
19. This Sadness 7/1/2010
20. Winning A Losing Battle. 3/22/2011
21. What I Feel When I Am In Love With You 3/22/2011
22. The World I See 10/8/2011
23. Rememberance 11/5/2011
24. Rain(Haiku) 11/5/2011
25. Numb 7/23/2012
26. My Letters To Arianne 10/5/2012
27. My Letters To Arianne.5 12/26/2012
28. Human Desire Has A Soul 8/28/2014
29. I Asked God For Pain 8/28/2014
30. These Are Growing Pains 8/28/2014
31. Sometimes There Is A Light 8/29/2014
32. The Letting Go 11/1/2011
33. Salsa 3/27/2009
34. Postcards From Alpha Centuari 6/3/2009
35. To Death(An Ode) 6/12/2008
36. Unfinished 11/13/2007
37. Sing Me Home 12/31/2011
38. The Wooden Ballerina 10/25/2007
39. Yet Again 10/27/2007
40. Street Lamps In Heaven. 11/9/2007

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  • Dipo Tembo Dipo Tembo (11/25/2007 5:03:00 PM)

    Estatic poems jacqs keep them cumin

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  • Dipo Tembo Dipo Tembo (11/25/2007 5:02:00 PM)

    Estatic poems jacqs keep them cumin

  • Dipo Tembo Dipo Tembo (11/25/2007 5:01:00 PM)

    Estatic poems jacqs keep them cumin

Best Poem of Peya Jakob

My Life Without You.

Perfect moments are never long enough, and perfect dreams are always cut in half.
I stand alone were we once stood two,
in the place where i first saw you.
We played for the world and acted each a part,
but it is only i who hurts when our hearts beat apart.
I cry for every dream i had to forgo.
And my life seems insatiably long.
I dont know if i love you but i know this,
i am slowly dying without your kiss.
If i can no longer see your face,
then perharps without breath, i am in a better place.

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My dearest darling, my sweetheart,
i write to tell you, u have my heart.
And also to say that,
i failed to love you, i fell apart.
You remember our song to which we listened,
and how the words caused our hearts to be quickend,
and how the world seemed more beautiful, enlivened,
with every word you spoke i was enchanted.
And how you looked so beautiful,

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