My Life Without You. Poem by Peya Jakob

My Life Without You.

Rating: 2.9

Perfect moments are never long enough, and perfect dreams are always cut in half.
I stand alone were we once stood two,
in the place where i first saw you.
We played for the world and acted each a part,
but it is only i who hurts when our hearts beat apart.
I cry for every dream i had to forgo.
And my life seems insatiably long.
I dont know if i love you but i know this,
i am slowly dying without your kiss.
If i can no longer see your face,
then perharps without breath, i am in a better place.

Tia Maria 19 March 2009

Oh I feel this! Agonising... well done Peya - your words are full of the emotions that bring this poem to life...10/10

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I like Viola love the first line. This is so heartfelt and longing, and it is sad humans have to go through the emotions of lost love. Your writing is beautiful..... Karin Anderson 10/10

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User Deleted 07 April 2009

SERIOUSLY J...are you reading my mind now?

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Viola Grey 31 March 2009

ohhh, I really really like this...I love the first line...pure magic...nice work

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Your melancholy words write straight from the heart. It's a good idea to air emotions through poetry. Great work! Karin Anderson

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isunge Mwangase 23 March 2009

It is finished-without breath then perhaps...dont make it disappear again! ! ! ! ! !

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