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My life is a story and its up to my life to create a vision of my story to edit it onto paper and create a vision for all to see!
Born and raised in Hawaii on the island of Oahu..Im a single parent of 2 wonderful brats.(: My girl is 9 and my son is 6. i have the most amazing man named Randy! ..and if ya wanna know anymore just ask!
these poems ...

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Psycho Mentality

Tiny pills and liquid bottles with stickers of drowsy eyes.
Fill my mouth/throat tightens as the bulge of narcotics move
scratchingly down my throat.
i lay there naked on the cold floor.

Loved...Or Not Loved

They say love grows with time, i believe it.
Because since i been with you,
i find myself so much more in love with you.
But it also hurts to see that love often

My Children

Little foot steps
shaken glass
Little foot steps
held in laughs


happy valley
mango trees
sound of ukelele's
and singing

Seduction Pt 2

The smell of the ocean coming in through the lanai
sets the mood for seduction.
The tropic breeze flowing through the curtains
making the moonlight appear like candles flickering

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