Phil J Hambling Poems

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The Miracle Of Consciousness

A Celestial birth
Cast by a trillion dice
We came to exist
By the turn of the spheres

Squirrel Wisdom

The squirrel hoards it cache
Yet it knows that half goes missing
And that the lost nuts
Will make the trees of the forest

One More Day

The old man flails his torch at time itself
Lost in the dark of nightmares
Confused and bloody minded
He blindly whips at the inevitable

Waiting For The Daffodils

Waiting for the daffodils
And the little yellow promises
Of a constellation of new born suns
Waving at us joyfully

Autumn Leaves

Urgent bronchial fingers,
Flailing at the breeze,
Dealing out their copper calling cards to the earth,
Casting into the flux the torn tickets of time,

Echoes Of Ancestors

The echoes of ancestors
Seep out from behind the slanted gravestones
Shining a truth
Through the stained glass hearts

The Lament Of The Evening Forest

The lament of the evening forest
Abandoned by the sun once more
To the flutterings of change on the wing
As sky-dot murmurations descend

Dangerous Lies

If we are honest
The most dangerous lies
Are the ones we tell to ourselves
Or is that a lie too?

Storm Of Hope

The great storm of Jupiter
Won't last forever
The fury is vast
And centuries old

Out Of Horror There Was Beauty

The ship was lost
In tragedy
Yet a city was founded in its ruins
In submarine reams

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