Squirrel Wisdom Poem by Phil J Hambling

Squirrel Wisdom

Rating: 4.7

The squirrel hoards it cache
Yet it knows that half goes missing
And that the lost nuts
Will make the trees of the forest
That it depends on

MAHTAB BANGALEE 27 January 2022

beautifully penned

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Phil J Hambling 27 January 2022

Many thanks and best wishes

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 27 January 2022

Wow awesome poem in brevity. Does the squirrel do that on purpose or is it divine design, though of course even if it did it on purpose it would still be divine design. Kudos!

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Ruta Mohapatra 28 January 2022

Nice one Phil! Yes, squirrels are responsible for the spread of forests.

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Phil J Hambling 28 January 2022

Yes Ruta nature recycles if its left to its own devices

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Dr. M. Asim Nehal 28 January 2022

Innocent creature helping others. Nice observation 5****

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Nabakishore Dash 28 January 2022

The lost nuts will become the trees of forest.It makes its own and helps all others.Nice write.

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David Wood 27 January 2022

I put nuts out for my local squirrels but they're not as quick as our local magpies.

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Phil J Hambling 27 January 2022

Magpie wisdom

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Phil J Hambling 27 January 2022

Sometimes we lose things but it has positive outcomes

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