Storm Of Hope Poem by Phil J Hambling

Storm Of Hope

Rating: 5.0

The great storm of Jupiter
Won't last forever
The fury is vast
And centuries old
Yet the power of hope rises higher
The angels look with wonder
On the dawning of the new
And the great red spot will burst
With molten children of fire
Bridges are built by the joining of hands
Reaching in the tumult
Healing the sores of rage
Driftwood finds the homecoming of land
The message in the bottle
Is sometimes found
The waves lap over the possible
Into the realm of invention
And the dominion of imagination
The beauty of the days
Brought into the born
Time laden fortune rides the chariot of hope
And the spirit of consciousness pulls it ever onward
The time and space on which existence is spun
Knows that the storm will pass
As all storms do
And clear bright hope
Will shine inside you
A sea of tranquility
A supernova of desire
And hope

soren Barrett 21 February 2022

A beautiful poem of hope and patience for the good to happen. Lovely

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Unnikrishnan E S 20 February 2022

I don't understand why the comments I posted here does not appear even after twelve hours! !

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Unnikrishnan E S 19 February 2022

Marvellous poem of hope. Top score and myfav

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Unnikrishnan E S 19 February 2022

The storm of Jupiter will pass and the fumes and vapours will settle into water and other compounds. Rivers and seas and oceans will be born. And more lighting and rains will give birth to the first basic forms of life, let us hope..

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