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A war baby, Philippa Lane was born in Chichester, West Sussex, England on March 7,1941. Her only vivid memory of early childhood in South-East England is the sound of Nazi missiles (doodlebugs) cruising overhead en route for the threatened destruction of London. If one were shot down, as occasionally might happen, it could explode horribly close and destroy a part of her beloved countryside instead.

At the age of seven, Philippa was sentenced to a boarding school education. She went to Stone Court in Hastings, as cold as its name implies. She remembers her mother telling her that at her new school, the people who ran it were nuns, adding: “They’re different from you and me.” “What are they? ” asked Philippa. “It doesn’t matter, dear, but they dress differently.” Her first imp ...

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Willa T Olivier 01 April 2005

Philippa: About your poem 'Disappointment' - You are very skilled at expressing in words actual emotional experiences. Your poem evoked a hazy echo in my spirit of that dull thud. Bravo. Willa

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Peter A. Crowther 27 February 2005

I have greatly enjoyed all of your poems. Lovely imagery.

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The Best Poem Of Philippa Lane


Purple is afraid
it scuttles into corners
on all fours
it reeks
it shrieks
and smells of old unopened rooms

it is the flickering eyelid
of an aging actress
and the veins
mapped on leaves
of frail plants
in nursing homes who suck thin air

Purple is chiffon dusk
compline and pale prayers

it is reading aloud
the twenty-third psalm
the noise of ragged breaths
clawing the air
a scratching away of calm

Purple is the gas
that killed Plath
and the depth
of her despair

it is the click of the valves
that stuck and the blood that cooled

Purple is profane

it never gives back
it hoards
it preserves grief
and bottles tears

Purple is half the world
and the side of me in shadow

Philippa Lane Popularity

Philippa Lane Popularity

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