? ? ? ? ? Poem by Cherokee Akan Ewe

? ? ? ? ?

why do people get scared of business property
within a neighborhood?
so why is it vital to do a private reservations
of the homes you intend of converting after deeds secured from the county auctions
having the code changed to a business?

how will you regulate the traffic
to keep suspicion of a business
being ran?
based on the normal times of the average human being sleep
and remember they do weekends
so weekends extend out the times
keep all private reservations to a minimum of two hours
and how i will be interior designing my own will be
for an exact dinner and movie
with the loveseats in the master bedrooms
giving the couple enough time to do whatever is needed
although no sex happening in the rooms
is the reason why no doors is allowed
just our own Akan and Ewe and even Cherokee designed made clothed
and yeah fools going to be thinking they moving in but of course how can you move in to a home with no beds?
a problem only the dumb can answer....

Saturday, September 15, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: today
str8 business and no pleasure this way so they might as well get the pockets ready and enjoy the comfort please reserved and secluded leisure and eating in the cuts for real on the lowlow....and if you a member all you do is donate(echoing) ......real as can be and if you think or know deed auctions do not exist then you already numb taught and lost on the real in lalaland when in America...this is a timeshare.....
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