Morning: Series 66 And Series 7? Poem by Cherokee Akan Ewe

Morning: Series 66 And Series 7?

yup you need too
i know i do
in order to perfect an aspect of my multigenius
how about you indigenous?
i also need that to conduct in my own business internationally
from my office
employing more under my belt
now you see how i get my licenses from the financial industry
to the trucking
to the information technology
to the accounting
to fly too you know
yo i just keep exploring what i never did before
which is what it is all about seriously
although you can do you and be American
or leave from the whole Americanism
cause i'm using the passport and systems just as i am suppose too
just like when i go to India it will be the same
as a yogurt franchise will do just nice in that part of the world seriously
and back to Guyana and the Islands where the Rupree does not amount well
although you will see them in our lands trying to expand
or simply networking like most Tamils do
ain't talking about the others as they on that caste or racism stuff
same thang different hemisphere
and i been knowing cause we indigenous do what?
we communicate onground and keep moving seriously...

so after achieving those exams to get licensed in the United States
where else are you going to be licensed at and or for?
those questions are vital just like your heartbeat
cause people just assume they heartbeat beat as long as they are blinking eyelids
though do you really know what is going on ahead of your last times?
performance management really is what is needed
and when you attract likeminds just make sure and it will happen
just make sure if you are a Global Broker of certain securities including insurance
that you partner with a scholar as well
and an economist who specializes in certain countries you are in
etc etc you fill you?
yup i fill self to the depths intelligently quietly as kept
ugh(echoing) ....

Sunday, September 9, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: today
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