Cherokee Akan Ewe Poems

Hit Title Date Added
Morning: Smv + Eq = Cr

short market value

Afternoon: International Investing

there is a publication
giving further information
of becoming a U.S. Broker
with the intention of trading

Evening: Tale Yourself (And Meet Yourself Head On)

how about you?
as an indigenous youth
what you need to do
in order to succeed in our bigger picture?

Morning: Team Players


Investment Banking Firm

Feed Wholistically

you will be stupid and dumb beep beep
if you ain't paid off land
providing crops by the acres
to your generations to come

Mind Your Business

if you hear somebody is raping women and kids righ
okay then it is none of your business
and time to start moving on out
cause if you got the homes in other states and countries

Remember The Past?

okay there is a positive about it all righ?
if you and your Tree is lesser than your previous
then you lacking...ain't no way around it or under it or over it etc
look at the problems and overcome each one


What About Education Again? ?

i use to speak in Spanish
German etc
British English(which is the proper form and that's why when American speak on brevity i just sit back and laugh cause at least im speaking proper broken-english mixed with our languages...they speaking a language that does not exist literally so a nation without a tongue can't speak for themselves righ?'s one big sham and ignorance of education which got their roots looking bad but eh...)

Wednesday 09/12/2018

Evolutionary grows themselves and others around
although outside society will call you a domestic terrorist cause you capitalizing not like they are doing by the same rules and regulations they abide by righ? correct

a revolutionary uses violence to destroy and build and this type of thinking is because when they look at you from an upper level they consider you a Threat to their society no matter if you ain't messing with them or not cause they are inferior and do not know how express their intelligence to grow evolutionary except with their emotion(echoing)which is usually hate instead of common sense which is electricity

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