What About Education Again? ? Poem by Cherokee Akan Ewe

What About Education Again? ?

i use to speak in Spanish
German etc
British English(which is the proper form and that's why when American speak on brevity i just sit back and laugh cause at least im speaking proper broken-english mixed with our languages...they speaking a language that does not exist literally so a nation without a tongue can't speak for themselves righ? righ...it's one big sham and ignorance of education which got their roots looking bad but eh...)
now i still speak Gullah Geechee
business English only just like the typed
everything else is Gullah Geechee and my own language with a copyright and pending patent based on my oh you won't know until i teach ya and it will cost ya and you will take down what you thought is a correction under your brevity umhmmm...next?
know the law...

and oh one other thing too as a lesson indigenous reader if you ain't me then you ain't me
i know that sounds redundant but eh in 2018 its almost mandatory cause once again their attention span is measured by how long? the speed of a cellular text....
glad i travel and don't own a tv or pay attention to the bs
i construct a defense and offense of no game cause its no game to play and see you seeing the wave of generations taking reality as a joke
and that's the perfect time to delve more into the Ancient arts cause they preoccupied with insanity...
i done preplanned all my courses
taking em down by the load
i truck
bout to fly in a few months for practice then my license of course
studying for my series what and what?
now what you doing?
okay stay on your grind and keep your children moving better than they last times
as you sew what i write is no joke and actually its realer than real
and im just a minor key in the whole thang
so you could imagine if i was famous huh?
yeah assassinated(echoing)
and so what about education again? ?

today is Tuesday so see you tomorrow....
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