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short market value

there is a publication
giving further information
of becoming a U.S. Broker
with the intention of trading

how about you?
as an indigenous youth
what you need to do
in order to succeed in our bigger picture?


Investment Banking Firm

you will be stupid and dumb beep beep
if you ain't paid off land
providing crops by the acres
to your generations to come

if you hear somebody is raping women and kids righ
okay then it is none of your business
and time to start moving on out
cause if you got the homes in other states and countries

okay there is a positive about it all righ?
if you and your Tree is lesser than your previous
then you lacking...ain't no way around it or under it or over it etc
look at the problems and overcome each one

i use to speak in Spanish
German etc
British English(which is the proper form and that's why when American speak on brevity i just sit back and laugh cause at least im speaking proper broken-english mixed with our languages...they speaking a language that does not exist literally so a nation without a tongue can't speak for themselves righ?'s one big sham and ignorance of education which got their roots looking bad but eh...)

Evolutionary grows themselves and others around
although outside society will call you a domestic terrorist cause you capitalizing not like they are doing by the same rules and regulations they abide by righ? correct

a revolutionary uses violence to destroy and build and this type of thinking is because when they look at you from an upper level they consider you a Threat to their society no matter if you ain't messing with them or not cause they are inferior and do not know how express their intelligence to grow evolutionary except with their emotion(echoing)which is usually hate instead of common sense which is electricity

yup you need too
i know i do
in order to perfect an aspect of my multigenius
how about you indigenous?

see the Tanzanians over here
we speak in business english
they introduce me to certain sounds pertaining to the languages of which they are speaking
we laugh at the society of which we are maneuvering in and through

what books tomes advance me?
are the same tomes which will advance you
ignore the other sections and go str8 for business and economics...
don't be afraid just do it...

simply target them you know the "mixed and swirled" sounds sickening and perverted of an agenda but eh I'm just expounding on the subject or topic
target market them as "exotic" cause they fill sum type of weigh on a scale of economies
that they are the "pure" bred blahblahs
although you won't see me like that cause im a Soul controling a indigenous body...

ask them one question-
would you do the same activities
you do on-line onground face to face to people?
and their response would be either silence or no

on etsy
i bought a pair several months ago
from another indigenous vendor
modeling self and my people low key

im working on a face only
where it shows my resume as a scholar
from the books i read and reading
to the courses completed and aiming to complete

what i'm learning from Accounting
including the past of Lean Sigma
although Marketing and Advertisement got people hooked on impression
and so i might need to rent a suite in a skyscraper or similiar

Cherokee Akan Ewe Biography

Im Cherokee Akan Ewe. Dropping indigenous academic books later this year or early next year due to my current occupation as hazmat tanker over the road style. I will be paying 500 dollars per book made to the writer i choose. I have an Education Nonprofit already for about 4 years now. I just do not have the time so i had to be humble and learn i cannot do it all by myself, which i knew thought at least i tried. Although this mean other indigenous writers get credit for making our history with actual Academic Books from our own people throughout hundreds to thousands of years. I am a great thinker and strategist like my Ancestors and Elders and we just taking turns getting goals accomplished. How we all work together is pretty divine and amazing. This is another victory of which we are better than our last times. Many writers and professors before me has done it and i just peeped out the missing key ingredients to all of our problems- Academic Literary Association and Academic Books to include the Private Schools. We have few private schools now and so its time to be us now. We can drop crimes and crime rates now everywhere by giving our youth our own education and my formula is supreme. The impact will be so profound and devastatingly positive. Unless another indigenous male or female beat me too it cause we true racists always in a neverending race to be better than our last times. We tracking on our own journey flourishing beautiful worldwide. Its like i seen the opportunity and ran faster to the torch to pickup where one writer left off at and I will say Dr. Henrik Clarke, Molefi Kete Asante, Dr. Frances Cress Wesling wow so many back to Timbuktu back to everywhere where Indigenous step foot and we still on point doing us now even more now. This will for sure crumble the racism and colorism and other vices off the youth mindset forever into dust. Yes! ! O and the K in alkhemy stands for Kemet or Kenya depending on how i constructing my sentences of letters which those letters form words to produce an image of art only i can see which is indigenous and genius superintelligent. I give thanks to the tribes in Afrika of the traditional arts. Thats why Digital Smoke affects cause i can turn any mindset im not communicating with and into off with an zero and turn my people on with an one like electricity to a switch holding the current basically to be utilized or not. These are fundamentals of electronics electrical information technology and telecomms etc seriously which we been knew about eons ago through inventions and languages... I am an artist too...i been developing my own language since a young aspirant. I just took Gullah Geechee and indigenous Freemasonry which means to think freely to a whole other level to include infusing the " nature" element of which that is what we studied from a macro to micro and micro to macro since the beginning of time...whats the relation between the so called Ants mounds and their civilization to the pyramids in Kemet or Nubia and the civilization? Other civilizations of us too? Same goes to our beautiful hair in rows to the sewing and reaping of farming? Everything we did and still do all have a purpose and never no vanity. See we overstood everything is One and there is a Balance though you have Souls or Spirits who want and have a need to throw Balance out and mess up Harmony. See i know my cultures and delve more into them more and more like a Teacher suppose too or High Priest suppose too. It is a Metronome of the All ongoing and you just have to figure out which Key you are and if you don't know yourself then surely somebody else will play you as they want and need and see... your Chess. Now back to the artist in me part you see one page of Digital Smoke have commas or paddles is a piece of artistic education in motion. Beautiful wooden canoes and ships coasting isn't it? Basically everything is indigenously organized brilliantly and will i too have a tribal society of sacred arts? Well that depends on my cafe to come be designed of a small bought building on the auction and the books not sold within my store with free wifi and my own bottled and freshly served teas warm or chilled etc. I might even franchise my cafes internationally too on the low low like Del Taco! Oopsie. And this is a quick biography of one of the indigenous Cherokee Akan Ewe. Oh we on on purpose. Salute to all the fallen Muthaz (and the Z is for Zulu and if you don't what you are copying and following behind then it is best not to do what? Plagiarize. Which is nowadays punishable by Copyright Infringement...if you don't know my people then do not attempt to copy my style. This goes out to the ones on this website and i have been stationed in the Pentagon so trust me i know what fake news is and how it is crafted. When real entities become fake that you see everyday and have proof of that is when you know people are goinh clinically crazy though the matter of this site with people is they have nothing else to do but try and i mean try and put someone else down because they are not original and have no originality and that's ashamed. Because if you cannot write on reality then indeed you are fake or in fantasyland which is your choice i just choose to be real like others choose to be negative i be positive. I choose to honor my Muthaz cause any female of any culture is the epitome of her culture cause she birth the culture and so the beauty and prestige nature of the culture including spirituality has always been with the female. This is where outsiders know nothing about our cultures and we civilized them. Taught them how to build roads to architecture to improvements of ships to an actual model vehicle named Ford to even hockey..oh yeah hockey. When artifacts become fake news and registered entities and historical people become fake then you know by the hands of their God and Prophets everything is coming to an end and i mean everybody but how so when their genetical code will be annihilated naturally? Crazy? Now lets get out of these parenthesis cause i have stretched it too much) and ones still here in their descendants flesh by DNA. And a special salute to Nyakasikana....Peace to my people and remember mind you own business cause we never been fools we just let people who don't know us embarrass themselves. Shame shame shame (remember that song?) its a shame shame shame lalalaalalaalahlah (echoing))

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