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Im Cherokee Akan Ewe. Dropping indigenous academic books later this year or early next year due to my current occupation as hazmat tanker over the road style. I will be paying 500 dollars per book made to the writer i choose. I have an Education Nonprofit already for about 4 years now. I just do not have the time so i had to be humble and learn i c ...

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Each One, Teach One

right now you assess how well can your indigenous youth read the law...
based on an independent study which has been done
professionals with experience play a better road model in the lives of the aspirants
and when correct culture is introduced once again
then like i said before like many Elders and Ancestors before
you giving or taking the blinders off the At-Risk Youth
they can then distinguish between American and their own cultures from the Roots
which is plentiful
now if the aspirant and their families want and need to be American
then you just prepare them into a job and their histories of America
no Roots included cause the classrooms are wiping that out
as if their Ancestors and themselves never existed
which the theory comes into play of how did America get built?
then they will be redirect back into the Big Bang Theory etc...
you going the culture route
then your peoples will be waiting and trust me they been expecting the descendants regardless of propaganda
the motto will always be-
Each One, Teach One

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Cherokee Akan Ewe Popularity

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