020. Glittering Eyes Poem by Dipankar Sadhukhan

020. Glittering Eyes

Rating: 5.0

In a train compartment few days ago,
Sitting beside a window
I was reading 'Romeo and Juliet'.
Suddenly a smiling face with glittering eyes
Of a girl attracted my eyes
From the opposite side.

Her eyes were shining like diamonds
And teeth were glistening like pearls.
The smiling face was reflecting
The purity and holiness of her heart.
She was a symbol of perfect beauty
Which fascinated me badly.

We spoke with each other nothing.
Her two eyes could see my heart
And my eyes read her mind.
A magical impact fell upon
Our pure and romantic hearts
Nearly for two hours.

Her smiling face touched with Divinity
And charming eyes full of Love and beauty
Carried me to Heaven,
The place of bliss and eternal Love.
It seemed to both of us,
As if we knew each other for years.

At the time of alighting from the train
She turned and looked at me
With glittering eyes and smiling face.
Her charming eyes told my heart something.
Then I reached my destination
And got down from the train.

Ne'er I will forget her charming beauty.
When I pass time in pensive mood,
Her glittering eyes and smiling face
Full of beauty, Love and happiness
Give me pleasure by speaking
With my solitary heart for hours.

Kolkata, India.
28th September,2013.

Sarmistha Mukherjee 22 November 2016

A beautiful romantic love poem.10

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Kiran Mishra 31 October 2016

A nice romantic poem.10

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