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08. Spring Wedding (Charles And Camilla)

Rating: 2.8

love never grows old
like vintage wine
it acquires a taste,
richness and smoothness
that swirls on the stage
of a connoisseur's
discerning tongue
to lift the joy of his heart

as the days go by
only those with it know why
in the heartfelt smile
of Charles, Camilla
love shines bright as
the fresh spring foliage,
a sparkling rage over
the gnarled weather beaten
branches and twigs

every bloom and leaf
is a renewal of hope
that seeps through every
royal vein today

now in charles' arms
lingers the charms
of spring that slowly
surely makes itself felt
after a frostbiting blizzard

a refreshing rose
greets the spring wind
twists gently to and fro
in a nuptial dance
to herald a new season

yesterday was deception,
a withered patch
taken over by snow
two persons left in the cold
living out other people's dreams

today a world comes true
for Charles and Camilla to
share their real selves
feeling with the world

the snow that slowly melts,
gives way to the beauty below -
a man and woman on a piece
of ground satiated with
their love for each other
a long cherished passion
that would see spring
spring into a riotious ring
of well wishes and joy

the rose that trails
the spring wind to fall
on Charles' arms today
god's gift after a trailblazing storm

08. Spring Wedding (Charles And Camilla)
Monday, April 11, 2005
Spring Poems: 353 / 500
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Simone Inez Harriman 17 September 2016

Your poem speaks of that destined bond between two souls regardless of how many had wished it not to be or the seemingly insurmountable obstacles life presents to us. Beautifully penned John.

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Karen Deeks 19 March 2012

A very fine wine woven by perfectly placed words indeed. I wasn't sure about camila at all to begin with... Not that it's mine to judge but at last to find a write in praise of (let's face it) timeless love... Bravo.and intelligent compassionate piece of work. thanks Karen

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Subbaraman N V 28 March 2008

A beautiful write! A great poem! Thoroughly enjoyed!

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