0989..... Death! Death! Death! Poem by Gan Chennai

0989..... Death! Death! Death!

Rating: 4.0

I don't fear Death
I don't invite Death
I wish I Taste It, But
I wish it's Peaceful
And not painful.

For, I can not not exist
I am Eternal, For
I see me in You,
In everything,
I don't fear Death

I Love Sleeps n Dreams
Death, a little Long Sleep.
For, Universe is Closed System;
As Clausius said
Sum Energy is Constant.

Where Can I go after
My Death, Only to
comeback elsewhere,
A little Hide and seek, like
Changing Dresses

All Beginnings must End
All Ends must Begin
Coins should have Two Sides
I come only to go back,
And to come back later again

I don't fear Death
I don't invite Death
I wish it's only
Peaceful, Not painful
Oh! God, please Grant my Request!

(12-04-2010, Chennai)

Luz Hanaii 04 March 2011

Very good. I too pray God grant your, my, wish and that of all those that have a loving spirit for this earth, and all living things.

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Gita Ashok 28 June 2010

Absolutely! I totally agree that every beginning has an end and every end is but a new beginning. So life and death are but two sides of a coin. Repetition of a few lines in the first and last stanzas creates a stronger impact. A good write.

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