.......1 China Intellectualism-Cauchy3 Poem by cheung shun sang

.......1 China Intellectualism-Cauchy3

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Intellectualisms are weapons’ natures. There are seven or more inside information with China logos. There would be more but I do not know well. Some said that there are seven.

Spires or seven up are also juices. As I drink a lot of juices and eat some vegetables always because I am poor.

From news I notice Donald Jung favor meals like pig hands, Kabobs and pork. He got many good powers on assets.

But as vegetables are like herbs and….. My assets are your console prizes. How about withdraw of lots with no one party big along.

Where is my good asset? Are your baits switching on your bad matrix? Your hubs are dark with red alerts. You compare two groups with one spoon.

A plate is your only disk. All benefic languages are live dead knocks and poor situations to other worlds.

Your benefic language is the situation words to unit nations.

Your sciences copy the white fangs.

Jabs are not swipe. Swipe the chests and filch the world.

I got vanilla as assets but Donald Jung and China bosses got fitch as very deep powers.

Intellectualisms gaga! GI giant but no China wa-wa! Wa-Wa is white wash intellectualisms are seven or more.

Macro macadam is stone knocks. Mark down buses and boiled slots. Who send you a redeem tickets to Gods.

China man-ship is power passes. Licensed party is one big alone. Got your leaders they are waxing in dirty pool. All polls are from straw men.

Steel cuffs are used by vigorous tigers.

Snake venoms are from snake floods.

Fawn dogs are not free ion only.

Mercurial natures are not good mercurochrome. Political wounds need no more.

Go out for one along.
Go out for dirty pools.
Go out for no public crowns by all go over elections. Peoples got the boomers.

On the far ends of the China world pens there are quite a lot of poor workers and farmers.

Not to frame up them they eat some vegetables and some rice.

So who really got the vanilla? It must not the possessions of Cauchy3.

Gluttons for food show your teeth. Actuate to dickens show your powers.

If all are one union set our world universal may have one number one.

A one community is not one left wing. Our dimensions need 3 to 4 or much more.

Raw deals about poor fish men but are there big fishing pool as such to support cadres. Human plows are political tools.’

4 stars are belittled with one big king. Would it be some cadres very big fruit gardens but some acidic soil for the poor?

Would it be cadre garden of orchids but not world gardens?

A trawl to frame up is powers. Wooed jinx to our no good sundry.

Wooed jinx to shark bones with teeth.

A China well on cross jumping about marquis, dukes, barons and viscount.

God Marxism blesses mono China boss then no treats.

Reetessh Sabrr 26 December 2008

My God...who has the patience to read this essay on a poetry page. Sir...i will defi read but not as a poetry. The art of minimalism is handy at times. All the best for the next shorter version.

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