....................***** British Battleships

Rating: 2.7

British warships…
Wasps and lynx are airy born.

Joining tasks with forces are ON.

EXOCET missiles launch and fired.

Officers’ boards are very fine.

Aurora dido does and does.

Speeds are fast and good in knots.

Place the worlds in heavy tons.

Rating offer goes and goes.

---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---

Allemagne Roßmann 04 February 2010

They have now fallen in their standards.And their weightage are taken over by the Dutch warships who are the first to introduce the idea of maritime activities before the Anglo-Saxon.They were meant mostly for spice trades in Asia following genocides in Java and parts of what is now Indonesia- a muslim majority country which was a hindu majority before-(INDONESIA the name so being coined from the idea of HINDU> INDO and NATION > NESIA) ...Dutch East India Company though got bankrupt later on and was taken over by the British in the mid 17th century-now Dutch are taking over controls in EU as Britain struggles with recession. A very good memorabilia for the British warships by you.Thanks for sharing.

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Ahmad Shiddiqi 09 May 2009

very challenging and expressive! like Handel Fireworks on words!

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