#1 (From, ‘what's Really Happening - In 54 Numbers’) Poem by Peter S. Quinn

#1 (From, ‘what's Really Happening - In 54 Numbers’)

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I see your face in reflection,
It is to me a distraction.
The past is gone away,
No matter what I say.
But still I wish for direction
And hope again for affection.
These cloudy moods each day,
Hold me and make me stray.

Burning desires for you I feel
And in my dreams you are still real.
Then I wake again and find,
Our time is long behind.

Akram Saqib 15 June 2009

emotions of distress expressed in nice way

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Obinna Eruchie 22 May 2009

a well written verse.

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Tom J. Mariani 01 November 2007

Your poem has given new meaning to me of the old cliche 'She is a dream.' Your double entendra of reflection in your opening line has me first guessing at her really being there and he seeing her in a mirror and not just in his minds eye. Your poem builds after that great start. I attempted a juvenile version of this theme of lingering rememberances in my poem 'Looking Back.' Your version is much more mature in so many ways.

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Marci Made 08 July 2007

Emotionally, excellent and wonderful.... sentiments I appreciate and can more than appreciate and relate to.........marci. :)

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innocent love 30 May 2007

lovely poem...............

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