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The beauty of butter flies
The freshness of flowers
In you alone lies
The passionate powers

O the poet, the sensitive fellow
Minister of lyrics, sweet and mellow
Seer for young and peer for old

The entire energies do we waste
With great care and much haste
On discovery and invention
To enhance the human tension


About a bitter truth do speak I
By God gracious tell not lie

Highs and lows
Hays and pines
Hilarious and gloomy
Hypocrite and righteous

A letter from you
I get just now
Wish me come back
But tell me how?

Often I think
About you
When the feelings of love
Come over above

On thy face is thy palm
In thy soul is a great calm

In thoughts deep you are lost

I live at home
Do daily chores a bit
The bread and butter
Goes to man by writ

Satan and his colleagues
Making many many leagues
Pursue humans to create
A dubious, vicious debate

I wandered and I roamed
City to city and every town
To find an entity called man

Why are you vain
O hollow man
Do you know?


Drones are drawn
Dreams are destroyed
Dust of devastation
Destitute and devoid

We receive from all around
Only our deeds rebound

Hear we only that thing

What will happen?
In this blind den
What is the end?
Of this new trend

Money O money!
Come on honey!
My aim is?
My game is?

I am the power
Below my bower
Are decided
The bullet’s shower

A dialogue

“The written verse

O! Trainer master
I am the king
This is crown prince
Make his mind waster

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Iam a free lance writer and poet.writing for cause is my special field.)

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The beauty of butter flies
The freshness of flowers
In you alone lies
The passionate powers
The shining of the gold
The softness of petals
Firm determination
in your bosom rattles
The height of mountains
The colors of rainbow
The light of your love
Keep every body glow
Understanding of a friend
Brightness of stars
Guidance of a sincere leader
Are just your metaphors
beauty, freshness and love
height glory and shine
you bestow on your child
like that of spirits divine
Collecting such loving traits
Nature does mother creates

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Akram Saqib 16 November 2013

My poems are about the harsh realities of world. That is why there is some harshness in diction and style

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Shams Tahir 08 April 2009

I read all poems of akram saqib.He has real passion for writing and all his titles are unique, for example archive, a to z, heaven of heart and others.he touches the heart as well as mind.

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akram saqib Popularity

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