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Faith Lange vrl 03 April 2012

the poem pergatory has left me in tears for to not be remembered by the living or even known is the worst fate of man. i truly do know i can say that i never forget anyone living or disappeared so i will never forget you now that i have read this poem. i too am a poet and hope that perhaps one day you will stumble across my path. faith vrl

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The Best Poem Of Alan Bender

Cosmic Encryption

The strange quantum uncertainty
here, there, and everywhere,
within, without, nonrandom bits sustain
universal poetic harmony.
The aetheric history matter dark intones

mystically to a poet on a quantum trip
entangled with monkeys
programming an escape from reality.
The centaur got a gyre wiring diagram
Took the labyrinth to MIT

Yeats was rejected by editors
for anticipating Asimov.
Einstein’s E got lost forever
in an alternate frame of reference.
And,42 was the answer we seek after all.

“was” that nonlocal past tense rheomode
phenomenon of the explicate order.
Mind - matter measurement scale factors
aside, consciousness, the muse,
the psi of Pythagorean dream, endures.

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Alan Bender Popularity

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