Ramona Thompson

10 Reasons Not To Vote For The Black Guy - Poem by Ramona Thompson

1. He will only work to help out his own race. All others will suffer a terrible neglect.

2. He's too young and inexperienced. The country needs an older more experienced man like John Mccain
to lead us not some young, eager pup without the first clue of how to be a world leader.

3. He's not George W. I say give good ole George another 4 years! Who's with me?

4. Terroists will the race card to their advantage to tear the U.S. apart

5. The crime rate will rise like it never has before due to heighted racial tensions.

6. It's a proven fact that black men are not as smart as white ones. (This one was added by a very stupid

7. Black men are more prone to having affairs outside of marriage due to their heighted limbos. We had one
cheater in office (Bill Clinton) We don't need another one.

8. His name is not only hard to say, it is also too close to that of a known terrorist-Osama Bin Laden.

9. Neither man should win. We need a woman in office! Vote Sara Palin for president! Or better yet, me!

10. Why vote for a so-so looking man when you could have a smokin' hot piece of meat like Mccain

2008 Ramona Thompson

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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