Ramona Thompson

10 Reasons Not To Vote For The Old White Guy - Poem by Ramona Thompson

1. Need we really say it? He's too darn OLD! Poor guy looks like he could kill over any minute and then
what we be left with?

Some 4 eyed broad with not even enough experience in her little finger to run a country.

2. See 4 eyed broad note above.

3. He has the unfailing support of The View's oh so gross Elizabeth Hasslebarf.

4. He has a woman for a running mate. Translation-Political hanky panky

5. His political party sucks.

6. That rubbery old face and ghoulish white hair will send your kids screaming from the room whenever he
comes on tv.

Honest to God the man looks like a Night of The Living Dead reject.

7. Two words my brothers and sisters! Black Power!

8. He could never finish an address of the nation without falling alsleep in the middle of it. Old people need a
lot of sleep, you know. One minute they're wide awake. The next they're out like a light. It's just nature.

9. If something scary were to happen during his term, do you really think his body guards would want to
change his depends. No, I don't think so!

10. I don't know about you, but I don't want some old guy doing an address of the nation only to have his
false teeth fall out in the middle of it. Eww! Gross!

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, October 21, 2008

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