16 Of May(He Closed His Eyes) Poem by Yoyama Magwashu

16 Of May(He Closed His Eyes)

It was a hot Monday
and the sun was glowing like it got something to say.
At school I was so happy without having a fear of losing something,
it was a day I knew everything in my Matric journey and I felt like I'm Steve Harvey (my genius) .
During break time something told me to check up on my younger sister
and on that day she was beautiful as usual,
I asked her if she's okay and she replied with a smile that she's okay
and she's also mentioned that our father was admitted into the hospital yesterday (Sunday) .
It was the last period,12: 46 the time I saw terrible news
that my cousin lost her uncle, who was known to be my Father.
I ran from 1st floor to 3rd floor to tell my sister that she must go home straight.
Around 13: 00 we were both called to the staffroom to be told that he's really no more.
It was my first time seeing my sister heartbroken and
It was my first time to be daydreaming.
I remembered the words my Father told me,
'Your life should not stop because someone passed away, that person lived his/her life now it's time to live yours and at the end of the day we live to die'-He said

Death is something that happens to us all. There's no escaping it, yet we have so little information on what to expect. Death is a fairly scary event, it's so final and there's no turning back.There are so many things a father's love gives and so many things that a lack of it destroys. I believe that God gives us the greatest example of a father's love. His love is sacrificial, patient, kind, humble, honest, forgiving, faithful, and selfless. It is constant and unchanging. Those are the things I not only want my life to be about, but I want to make certain my kids know and feel from me. Unfortunately, I am not perfect like God, which includes my fatherhood
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