#16 (Thyagaraja) The Ladder Of Fame Poem by Rajaram Ramachandran

#16 (Thyagaraja) The Ladder Of Fame

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In the ladder of fame
Saint Thyagaraja’s name
Rose up to the top,
Soon, but step by step.

His every breath spelled
“Rama, ” every second,
Thus he was fully absorbed
In the spiritual world.

How he invited everyone,
To this spiritual heaven,
In Raga Bhairavi, this song,
Still takes us with him along.

(He sang in Telugu:
Koluvaiyunnade Kothandapani)

“Like the Star Rohini joined,
With the moon, side by side,
With his bow, Raghava
Is sitting with his Sita.”
Let us worship the Lord,
To get rid of our sins old, ”

“Seated here is Rama,
With his consort Sita,
Amidst eight wealth, come,
Let us worship him.”

(He again wakes up the Lord
Thro’ this song in Raga Thodi
Kolu vamarekadha Kothandapani)

“Kothandapani is here,
In his grand posture,
This kind of rare scene,
None would have seen.”

“Not even by Brahma,
Saraswati, Rukmini,
Sita, Parasakti,
Or Lakshmana.”

“Early in the morning
Playing veena I’m singing,
To wake up the Lord
Sri Hari, from his flower bed.”

“After his bath in Rose water,
He willingly accepts the offer
Of variety of fine food
Fresh, tasty and good.”

“He takes then betel nuts
Wrapped in betel leaves.
Next, the camphor light
Turns his face very bright.”

“Over the incense sticks
Giving their fine smells,
All the assembled devotees
Chant and say their prayers.”

Lady Grace 20 August 2009

tales, epics, legends and etc. are your trade mark..nice to read..naizz

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Sandra Fowler 06 August 2009

'Ladder of fame'is a very pleasing metaphor. It is good to be absorbed in spiritual matters. The Saint displays his fine character in all of your eloquent poetic lines. Warmest regards, Sandra

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