1970 Poem by Jon Yttri


I remember sitting on the bus to day camp with the radio blaring "Hey Jude."
I remember the Chicago White Sox games on Channel 32 I viewed.
I remember watching "Gomer Pyle" at half past four.
I remember drinking soda pop from Parenti's grocery store.
I remember buying ice cream drumsticks from a nearby pharmacy.
I remember going door to door asking neighbors to try our new recipe.
I remember playing catch with my friend across the street
For an hour or more.
I remember playing ball with the girl next door.
I remember when "Judy in Disguise" and "Simon Says" were hits.
I remember a lady chasing me with a broom when playing "ding dong ditch."
I remember throwing a rubber ball on the steps of my house for an imaginary baseball game.
I remember walking with my dog to the forest preserve and throwing sticks for the same.
I remember smoking cigarettes for the first time, causing me to cough.
I remember my friend and I making crank phone calls, turning people off.
I remember walking on narrow boards at a florist, pretending hot lava was below.
I remember seeing "Casino Royale" at the picture show.
I remember sitting on the steps visiting my neighbor, as I recall.
I remember how everything seemed so big, that's now quite small.

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Jon Yttri

Jon Yttri

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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