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19th September

I cannot walk properly after the gun shot,
But you were the very hunter who shot my leg.
Your gun shot was aimed at my back like,
A virgin lady without a pot;
For i am now a deer to you.
Your were in the same forest that i was,
Looking for a deer to shoot at and you rather got me;
But i do hope that one day i will walk very well.
I have got my papers in order and i still need your care,
But you came as a hunter to get me down!

And in this wolrd of lovers and haters,
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Bella Stylos 29 January 2012

This poem is twisted! A man and a hunter, the not so vunerable and the man with the uniform, I see also a light of hope, then the feeling of what took place! I love the way this poem brought of something long lost: mans life is a battlefield! when the king of the jungle turns arounds and preys on its subject..

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Glennish Gemperoa 12 December 2008

Hello sir! Your poem is like the ocean so deep! i was the girl who left a comment if you still remember. I think your a professional and when you write the reader could really feel what your trying to say. God Bless Sir. -Glennish M. Gemperoa-

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