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2nd Amendment Right To Bear Arms Or Not - Poem by Luke Easter

There is a move in this country to keep guns out of schools,
And yet our Founding Fathers found it to be a rightful tool,
The Pledge of Allegiance is removed which instilled pride,
We banned the bible but sexuality, students need not hide?

It is true guns are not for the irresponsible as people claim,
But, banning them will not stop the criminals or the insane,
The word of God was forced out & violence replaced grace,
School districts put metal detectors in the good book's place.

If gun control is implemented it will make easier every crime,
Good citizens unarmed then evil is more apt to get out of line,
When the bad guys know the good guys don't have or cannot,
Be armed with like firepower or resistance, what have we got?

Chaos! Much greater than any thing now present in the U.S.A.,
Every time crime abounds safety will be to look the other way,
And even then, knowing that no one can lend a hand or assist,
The ability to stand around & do nothing is a much greater risk.

Every mass killing in our safe schools suffered irreparable harm,
Isn't because the kids had guns but our educators weren't armed,
No murders are sneaking in police stations or on a military base,
As they know darn well the likelihood of return fire in their face.

More background checks, no buy it now & take it home with ammo,
The minimum? 'Complete Criminal History' why take the gamble?
Along with a medical investigation re: an applicant's mental history,
When buying a gun gone is the right to doctor-patient confidentiality.

The banning of weapons because they kill would be like banning cars,
Just because people get drunk and get behind the wheel leaving bars,
The motor vehicle is not the problem so therefore, neither is the gun,
But, it is in the hands of the unstable when the most damage is done.

2nd Amendment protects the right of the people to keep & bear arms,
Now it's as necessary as livestock, tractors and grain feed on a farm,
Are not air marshals and airplane pilots trained and armed in flight?
Don't let a rash to judgment implement the wrong in place of a right.

Remember the gangster days of Al Capone, the Mafia & the Mob?
Our streets would be no safer and it would be easier to get robbed,
A good defense stops a good offense, teams will play another day,
However, there will be no tomorrow for the unarmed blown away.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, January 11, 2013

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