2011 New Years Resolutions Poem by Luke Easter

2011 New Years Resolutions

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Almost everyone makes a promise,
Every time a new year rolls around,
And so as not to forget what it is,
Some even bother to write it down.

I am going to quit smoking,
I’ll never take another drink,
As well you should stop if not,
Your clothes & breath will stink.

I am going to quit eating sweets,
Not one piece of chocolate cake,
Why don’t these resolutions work?
Everyone makes one vital mistake.

Before you can ever quit anything,
It is imperative that you must start,
By love & inspiration that flows from God,
To The Holy Spirit dwelling in your heart.

No one alone has the will power,
To quit wrong & start doing right,
The positive voice heard inside your mind?
That is The Holy Spirit to guide your life.

Too many listen to the negative aspect,
Of the saying that you’ll never succeed,
Do not listen to the evil one’s thoughts,
Only the positive ideas that you need.

Well, how do I distinguish between the two?
That’s as simple as putting butter on bread,
Would God have sent Jesus to suffer what he did?
Just to put some negative thoughts in your head?

Don’t just write your goals down on paper,
Stamp them deep into the center your mind,
Addition of The Holy Spirit to the equation,
Remember He’s trustworthy, loving and kind.

When our Lord Jesus ascended into heaven,
A promised comforter was sent in His place,
The form of The Holy Spirit of the Almighty
Yes you can, yes you can & will win any race.

So don’t make resolutions on your own,
Call on The Holy Spirit to lead the way,
Now through His strength and guidance,
You can make resolutions every single day.

Okay, start with a change to your language?
Concentrating only on the positive to speak,
No more N or B words, whatever’s negative,
Uplifting words to grow stronger, not weak.

In God as you increase with strength,
More challenges will arise in your life,
Satan’s job becomes that much harder,
When our minds are set on doing right.

Make reading your bible the primary resolution,
And stop wasting more time by fooling around,
Last year has now become last year for a reason,
Every day’s a new revelation sun-up to sundown.

And do not go into the New Year with an old mind,
Otherwise you will still be thinking last year’s time,
Old wine skins burst by being filled with new wine,
So whatever didn’t work in the past leave it behind.

New year, new thinking, new growth, new mentality,
Where the future must now become your new reality,
New wine has yet to ferment and therefore old skins,
Will split in half once the new growth process begins.

Luke Easter

Luke Easter

Cleveland, Ohio
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