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3 Rounds

Rating: 2.7
Undress her- In a six-nine position make her whole,
Explore her microscopically, extract the heat from her core,
Tease- she begs you in, tease again until she is extra wet,
She grows impatient wondering how long she has to wait,

Fondle her breasts- nipples erect on your fingertips,
Lick her bottom to top until you kiss her lips,
Then down to her neck as her eyes begin to roll,
Savagely rip off your clothes- don't lose control,

Biting her lips again begs you in; with fingers agree in kind,
As she moans, hyperventilating uot of her mind,
Enlarging and hardening- anticipate fitting into her glove,
Too much foreplay; you are ready to make love,

Enter her, gently swaying her hips side to side,
Deeper! Harder! Expolding her inside,
On top of you; up and down bouncing on your laps,
Radio and bed spring sounds inferior to your bodies' claps,

Ah! God! Oh! Yes! Right there! - sounds she screams,
You are taking her beyond her wildest dreams,
Back and forth slithering through her slit,
Take it out and rub it hungrily on her clit,

She wraps her legs round you- squeezing, she comes,
She presses your bodies' tightly with her arms,
She loves the fact that you are way ahead,
She makes you come by giving you head,

She continues plating you increasing your bliss,
You grow harder until she gives it a last kiss,
Legs on your shoulders gently sahaying moving the earth,
You resist screaming as she tries to catch her breath,

She loves it- riding you like she is in a rodeo,
In extasy- you no longer hear sounds from the radio,
She is slightlt ahead, not what you had in mind,
So change positions and give it to her from behind,

Like a cue stick in and out before you hit the crust,
Freeze... Feel her shivering from your previous thrust,
This time you come simulteneously, you both scream,
And energy escapes you as you swap cream,

Missinary- press on her trembling enervated thighs,
Scratching your back, Kiss her everytime she cries,
Now throb faster, don't stop; lose yourself in her,
Quickly, like you would in the back of a car,

Windows steaming, both squirting, dripping sweat
Both finally letting go of the journey so sweet,
You slowly withdraw as you begin to shrink,
Your best sex ever she is inclined to think,

You roll over her- dizzy; both staring at the ceiling,
Reminiscing, hardening as you remember the feeling,
She has dozed off but thats all you needed to recover,
New positions in your mind, wake her; start all over.
Peya Jakob
Friday, December 19, 2008
Existential Despair 17 February 2009
Now i need a cold shower...nice!
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Anthony Gitoré 21 December 2008
Ecstasio, Quite Humorous But Stupendo! What a Piece!
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