Praveen Kumar in Simply Yours

48. That Day - Poem by Praveen Kumar in Simply Yours

He broke-in like breeze with a portrait;
She was there in wait, all in smiles,
With gleaming eyes and thumping heart;
He ignored all, gave her the portrait,
Sought her to mark him from a group;
She held his gift, close to her heart,
Lighted the portrait with flashes of eyes;
Lo, she got him straight, marked him there
And kissed his figure with her velvet touch.

His eyes widened, his heart liquesced,
Her easy marking him shook deep his soul;
He was in her heart; he was in her eyes,
He was in every dropp of blood in her veins;
Her eyes breathed light, her soul breathed joy
While eyes caught him in midst of the group;
Like life to sunshine, soul to sweet notes,
Her heart danced wild in his warm presence;
This is you, she said, this is that you,
Wherever you are, I find you there always.

Oh, how strange, he said in deep wonderment,
I thought, how you try, mark me not;
Me, not you, for all my lives?
How absurd, she wondered at heart;
Engraved in soul, heart, smallest small veins,
You sit deep in me, like the king on a throne;
You fill all me like air, bare space,
My dreams, thoughts, and wakeful hours;
You are my joy, hope; you are pain, pinings,
I am bare nought, without you to stir.

She held the portrait close to her heart
And drank his form to the brim of eyes;
What a gentle shine, what contentment,
Her eyes spread in expression of her heart!
What depth it had, what immortal warmth
That he felt at loss to pierce far enow;
Layers of lives of love and cravings
Coalesced to subtle light in those deep eyes;
No more he could bear the swell of her lure
And submitted him in silent gratitude.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Poem Edited: Wednesday, March 3, 2010

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