Joe Holley

8: 09pm - Poem by Joe Holley

As night falls silent, he heads for the door,
a piece of his heart, he holds to his core.
Too long has time passed to continue this dream,
he must let go, his hopes to wipe clean.

As the stars glow bright, and the street lights flicker,
all he can hear through his iPod’s sound, voices in his head do bicker.
Yet he knows it must be done, it’s been too long,
he must say goodbye to that which he holds dear, something now which is just too wrong.

As he approaches the gate, a flash does blind his teary eyes,
a memory that brings him to this place, the last place the hearts thus ties.
As he wonders for a place to lay them to rest, he smiles once more,
the iPod on shuffle, through his many songs to explore…
Their song to come on, at just the right time…

Underneath the giant stone, he digs a hole where the angles can’t reach,
for this game now will finally end with this last mono piece.
Till the red can be seen no more, sitting comfortable under the earth,
not even Christmas can bring this piece’s memories rebirth.

As the song of the kings finally fade, he smiles and says goodbye
too the last remaining piece of the memories that cry…

And for his last hope…
He hopes that the next dice roll, won’t be as painful next time…

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Joe.H 23/05/2012

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