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1. Cover My Eyes. Cover My Tears.. 7/14/2012
2. Un-Answered End 7/14/2012
3. ...? (True Fate) 8/25/2012
4. He's Still Alone 8/25/2012
5. The Country Lies Broken 5/24/2013
6. Eyes In Lies Claiming Ways 5/24/2013
7. Innesluten I Jordens Famn 5/24/2013
8. A Path Too Early 5/24/2013
9. I'M Not Sad 5/24/2013
10. Abyssal Waves That Fall 5/24/2013
11. 8: 09pm 5/24/2013
12. Talk To Me 5/24/2013
13. The Tranquil Starlight 5/24/2013
14. The Moon 5/24/2013
15. It's Fate 5/24/2013
16. The Velvet Meadow 5/24/2013
17. The Flames Of Love 5/24/2013
Best Poem of Joe Holley

The Flames Of Love

Alone a candle burns, with its heat and beauty.
Alone until the end, in which its light fades away.
Breathing like any being, flowing like any heart.
Alone in the darkness, the cold and lonely world.

But what if it was joined by another flame? .
Side by side they burn ever stronger, dancing in the wind.
Together they give more light and more warmth for each other.
More hope in this dark and cold world.

Standing strong together, they will never stop burning.
One will fade away, but only with the other.
The flames of love live together.
Until the very ...

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Un-Answered End

With her voice she speaks through her fingertips so delicate, so gentle, so torn... Scared you can tell by her beating heart fleeting, she's dreaming to the words of a song so special. She cries to each word, words of her mind that are too broken to be spoken, such a sad fate frozen in the time she knows oh so, oh so such a sad fate... Though the w

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