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1. Cover My Eyes. Cover My Tears.. 7/14/2012
2. Un-Answered End 7/14/2012
3. ...? (True Fate) 8/25/2012
4. He's Still Alone 8/25/2012
5. The Country Lies Broken 5/24/2013
6. Eyes In Lies Claiming Ways 5/24/2013
7. Innesluten I Jordens Famn 5/24/2013
8. A Path Too Early 5/24/2013
9. Abyssal Waves That Fall 5/24/2013
10. 8: 09pm 5/24/2013
11. Talk To Me 5/24/2013
12. The Tranquil Starlight 5/24/2013
13. The Moon 5/24/2013
14. It's Fate 5/24/2013
15. The Velvet Meadow 5/24/2013
16. The Flames Of Love 5/24/2013
17. I'M Not Sad 5/24/2013

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I'M Not Sad

For my life is all but my own creation.
I shed but not a single tear,
I breath with no sigh of fear.

Encased within memory, but there are no corners full of my shattered dreams,
there are no echoes of my non-existent screams.
Though for I am beset by such a pleasant dusk,
I do not lay in thee and fade into obscurity.

Still… I am not sad.

For I have this special place,
Partnered within a moment so breathe taking.
It lays out back behind these walls, vibrant in its solitude in such tranquillity.
Holding too such a treasured rebirth, captured in ...

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A Path Too Early

Wouldn’t you say you were lonely,
if you filled my shoes?
When a smile can’t be found,
but a tear never hides.

When a road such as mine,
uncertain like the sky.
Seems so far,
an end not in sight.

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