Jameel Ahmed Ansari

8: 30 Naihati Local

Continuation of my earlier poem “My Journey to Office”

Now starts the game of musical chairs,
Slightly different from the actual game of musical chairs,
If you are lucky you get a chair,
If you are not you start fuming in despair.

You have to board the train like a hungry animal.
You have to push shove and kick efficiently
You have to use your elbow in the strongest possible way,
You have to pounce on the vacant seats like a ferocious cannibal.

You have to face the feudalism of the so called daily passengers,
Once a daily passenger has got a seat,
He considers himself the emperor of the adjacent seats,
He’ll place hankies, newspapers, umbrellas, bags and all possible stuffs
On every adjacent vacant seat,

To get a seat, You have to plead in the following possible ways
'dada ektu shorun', 'ektu chepe bosun', 'ebar ektu uthun',
'ektu boste din', 'koto dur jaben', ”dada chap ta samlan”
Start cursing or keep mum if they don’t give you a chance to sit.

Even if you've got a seat to sit,
Your miseries are far from over,
Just as you feel you are seated comfortably,
An oldie comes and pleads 'baba ektu boste dao',

Your face turns grim and you have no option but to gift away your seat.
You stand and stare at his sleeping face the whole journey.
You open your mouth you won’t get a seat,
You be polite even that won’t be enough to win you a seat.

If you receive a push reply with a kick
If you receive a stare, reply with a glare.
If you become weak,
You’ll b sandwiched.

Getting off the train is like getting away 4rm hell,
The moment you leave the clumsy hell,
You get rid of the stinky smell.
The suffocation leaves, you respire fine and start to soothe as well.

That’s my journey to office,
It’s a struggle I know,
It’s a rough ride I know,
Yet it’s worth having such a journey to office.

I wish I had woke up a bit early,
Wish I had caught the train at 8: 30,
Wish I had grab the vacant seat,
Yet I feel its worth having that short morning nap.

Poem Submitted: Monday, July 20, 2009

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Comments about 8: 30 Naihati Local by Jameel Ahmed Ansari

  • Ramesh RaiRamesh Rai (4/6/2012 4:37:00 AM)

    once upon a time, i enjoyed this type of journey, daily passengers have another world and they participate with each other. very nice flow. interesting, adventure, romance, love, passion, peace. i find every thing in your poem. a nice flow.

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  • teal Skyteal Sky (3/26/2012 10:34:00 PM)

    trains are always amusing, even when one has to travel standing.and Indian railways are like that all over the country (amusing as well as overfilled with throng of passengers) .

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  • Neela Nath Das (3/18/2012 8:26:00 AM)

    Really a great poem. I have that experience. Meticulous detail of a daily passenger's journey!

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  • israel Ebitiisrael Ebiti (1/3/2012 1:06:00 AM)

    I like this.it is vry natural and ideal.being inspired by your everyday experience is also in itself beautiful.i applaud ur poem n i also learnt a new phrase'gift ur seat'.it's a good one

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  • Sarah Hardin (1/1/2012 1:04:00 PM)

    An interesting poem, throughly enjoyed. Could see the entire trip, you with an irratated smile playing the gentleman in a dog eat dog world. Well done.

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  • Prateep Sengupta (3/8/2011 3:08:00 AM)

    An exact description of daily commuters in a metropolitan, particularly in Kolkata and its adjoining areas. The physical aspects are nicely portrayed. But I think the poem could have explored deeper in the psyche of people living such a busy life.

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