Kurt Kacich

9-11 - Poem by Kurt Kacich

New York City, September 11th 2001,
The most tragic event in U.S. history where hell burned under the sun,
The two towers that guarded the U.S. skies,
Became the collapsed tomb where thousands died,
It was a sunny morning in Chicago I couldn’t believe my eyes,
An act of terror from the skies a high,
Where planes flew into the World Trade and clouds of smoke burned the skies,
An explosion of chaos a living nightmare so real,
I closed my eyes and hoped it was all a dream,
I hoped that hell wasn’t real for what it seemed,
Fires burned the steel structured towers, but why?
Was it living proof that God lost faith in humankind?
For what reason? What reason did hell rise to the skies?
So many lives lost in the fury of catastrophe,
What reason did the innocent die through the terror of anatomy?
My heart swelled as I tried to lie calmly to de view God,
As my heart pounded faster, I overanalyzed and noticed something odd,
If God was real, then why did hell burn through structures of steel?
Living angels leaped out of towers hoping they would spread their wings and fly,
To escape the Netherworld burning in the skies,
Until it was then the buildings came crashing down,
Where the screams from heaven echoed silently to the ground,
Causalities reached numbers higher than feet that the towers stood,
A tragedy marked in history, where prayers weren’t answered or misunderstood,
Proof that God wasn’t real, for if he was to protect mankind he could,
Proof that if you needed God to grab your hand he never would,
So many lives lost with many questions and no answers,
That killed off many innocent lives like cancer,
Like images of war, New York laid in chaos and destruction,
Ground Zero the hole from where the Volcano of hell erupted,
But did the government plan the fatality of so many lives?
Was the government processed by the devils eyes?
The cold night of September 11th where hell froze over the city,
New York the state where business flourished and the skyline was pretty
Where devastation and destruction of humanity and America laid gritty,
If I had one wish, It would be to reverse time,
To reverse causalities and replace the beautiful skyline,
To find out why God did this and experience the answers of the heavenly divine,
Forever in memory we can only bow our heads and ask why,
Why did humanity suffer? Why did so many have to die?
Why do tear drops fall to the Earth when Eagles fly?
Hearts of millions still suffer under the feeling of pain,
Where evil overcame good when Armageddon came.
Where the chaos of Armageddon left a mark in history internally deep,
Where heaven lost the war and established it’s home beneath,
The event where God closed his eyes on mankind and fell asleep,

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Poem Submitted: Monday, May 10, 2010

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