I Think I Like Myself Poem by Ana Ónimo

I Think I Like Myself

many times, many ways
many tides, many changed
but i can say my name
scream my name
out loud on a crowd

many times, in many ways
with eyes closed and feet numb
i felt the humps on the road grow
just trying to make me fall

there she comes, she is a ghost
she says 'i want youre soul'
and i say 'well, then here you go'
all i gave her was a small trap
she thinks she is me
she tries to act

and i feel very, very much confused
when she wanted to steal me
i felt i was... overreacting
i felt i was feeling over paranoid
but she said it, oh so clear
she screamed 'i want to be you! '
but then i noticed... oh my, i like being me!
you may take the details
but i repeat to myself
'i am me, i am me, i am me'

and i will sing to myself
the way whitman did
and i will stare at the mirror
not knowing what i see
but knowing
'it still is me, no matter what, it still is me'

Jessica Golden 30 June 2008

A few bits of this poem you may want to modify, but over all this is a very lovely, straight-forward poem. ~Jessica Golden

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