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My soul sways peacefully
Scattered through the universe
I spill drops, uneasy
My eyes cannot retire

simple and free
thats the way i should be
but im not
i should know how to fly

many times, many ways
many tides, many changed
but i can say my name
scream my name


You try
And then you die

If my words were written down
Elastic, rough, tight
I’ll sit in between the space,
Where nothing is alike

Mara replaces my head
When my head is nowhere to be seen
And when the mist floods my eyes
She sees for me through it

In days in which the sun
Only shoots warm and old rays of light

You open the door

dancing doll so dull
they told me to talk at once
the dance floor seems so smooth
and the disco ball is so bright

Prepare yourself for the worst
The hardest rain is coming down
And you keep feeding me lines
Of the pain you felt inside

Green grass grows fast, green grass
I want you to grow so fast
So I can leap up, from the ground
And pretend to fly, soar so high

My eyes can suddenly shine
With the stars of tears
And I can break down and cry
And feel whispers in my ears

I went through my road
(Aware, really aware)
And the pot holes, I’m aware, they weren’t so deep

through my seasons, gently dying, in an unsual degrade
i feel the punzant stream of gold piercing through my face
and then i saw you, wearing a mask all day
waiting for night to come

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Sway Soul, Sway

My soul sways peacefully
Scattered through the universe
I spill drops, uneasy
My eyes cannot retire
But my soul, swings, calmly
I can’t find a shelter
After the disappointment and the shame
After a funeral
They’ll shut up
And I will murder my sorrow
So then I can finally go
And then smash in the deserted sky
And say:
My soul sways, calmly, my soul swings
Stoicism, don’t show your wrath
Don’t show your melancholy
But my soul swings, sways, so calm
After saying goodbye one day
Before twilight breaks
And to smash in the deserted sky
Swinging in a half moon, somewhere
Before my eyes can’t hold on anymore
And my soul is scattered through the universe
In the calm (very calm) sky
Oh my soul, oh my eyes!

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