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9 Lives

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Elfe was the grandest of all of my cats
She dined on Reece's Pieces preferably flat

As a mother she bore babies one Bump and one Bent
Then three more before going, she got up and went

They wept- on their Journey to Cat Heaven's Gate
and Kept- their eyes closed- would not resuscitate

Twin graves dug too shallow couldn't keep them for long

They soon sprang up dancing to Death's haunting song
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This is great, I lost my cat a year ago after having her since I was just a child. It hurt. You write well.

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Lylyanna Pilewski 05 September 2005

that was so sad but i really really liked it! Lylyanna

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Uriah Hamilton 05 September 2005

Tears, you're killing me, I love cats and this poem is beautiful!

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Raynette Eitel 05 September 2005

I have a friend who is a SUPER cat lover and I plan to send this to her. Be careful when you write a poem in rhyme and meter. I loved the rhyme, but your meter is ragged in places. (Too many 'feet' in some of the lines) This is discouraging for readers. The images were really wonderful. I loved picturing the kittens. Raynette

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