960: An Innocent Soul

Pain personified she has been,
Pleasure nor comfort she’d ever seen,
She never clamored for an amour,
Being a victim she lost her armor.

Sought dad’s support to rid herself,
Ruling supreme was only confusion
Pulled out of the process midway,
Lost a dear to her own uncertainty.

Then she turned to the anonymous net,
There was one simpleton among people she met,
Could not share her owes, she’d never done,
Died in shame, lest it is taken as fun.

Empathy she realized, seeing him in pain,
Could bare herself all after a confidence gain,
One big step was to bare herself to her mom,
Received support from what she thought was
of the weakest form.

Len Shakki 07 December 2006

With everything that happens around us, our Creator would say the same. Thanks for posting this kind of poem! Felt pretty glum after reading it, so deep and neatly written. The poet has done it well... A burden borne by one can often grow too heavy to bear. Maybe, in the end, each of us knows that sharing our pain is the only way we can live with the pain. A broken heart is a prison. But prisons are things from which we can still escape. Understanding the past, and making sure others understand it, is the first step towards building a new future. There are many kinds of pain in life, but only a few that can never be healed, only obliterated. A very touching and emotional write that you have expressed so well and thanks for sharing.

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