Amit Biswas Poems

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963: Peace N Happiness Wish...

Love is so beautiful,
In love there is loss,
Life is still beautiful,
Do not cause loss,

999: Weak Moments

I am going through one of those weak moments,
Lonely as I have never been, I have lost just not love,
Lost a friend, I shall never get again,
Earlier I shared with you these weak moments of mine,

982: Sannyasin

Sex between any two is banned,
But marriage gives sex the grant,
Not just a grant, it acts to sanctify,
Which otherwise society shall defy,

997: Economics Of Love

Do you still remember those days,
When I used to wait, patiently for hours,
And those long embraces silent,
Gave us peace and sense of content,

962: Its Pain Not Poetry

Poet, I was not meant to be,
Pain and despair drove me to,
What I wasn’t ever to be
Desired to own a mirage, which told me,

911: Your Destiny

I still love you,
You abandoned me,
When I was too young,
I was taught to hate you,

908: 23rd Anniversary

Anniversaries are of many kinds,
Some great, some are grind,
Marriage, love and memories,
Exploitation, cheating and felonies,

967: Lullaby

Oh my sleeping beauty,
I know beauty is internal not just skin deep,
I do not love you just for my lust,
But love gives rise to it as a must,

972: Untitled...

I woke up to a beautiful morn,
Drenched in the overnight rain,
Every leaf dripping wet,
As you used to in my love,

993: Amazed With Your Love

I am amazed, you still love me,
What all I have done to you,
And keep doing, but still,
You have not faltered, amazing!