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Believe in living life passionately, never could bring myself in defining my goals, in a manner to simply go forward in professional or social life, by the parameters one is normally judged! Something else which are possibly akin to discipline not just in actions but of thoughts, or honesty not just in material sense but in abstract too are importa ...

Amit Biswas Poems

963: Peace N Happiness Wish...

Love is so beautiful,
In love there is loss,
Life is still beautiful,
Do not cause loss,

999: Weak Moments

I am going through one of those weak moments,
Lonely as I have never been, I have lost just not love,
Lost a friend, I shall never get again,
Earlier I shared with you these weak moments of mine,

982: Sannyasin

Sex between any two is banned,
But marriage gives sex the grant,
Not just a grant, it acts to sanctify,
Which otherwise society shall defy,

997: Economics Of Love

Do you still remember those days,
When I used to wait, patiently for hours,
And those long embraces silent,
Gave us peace and sense of content,

962: Its Pain Not Poetry

Poet, I was not meant to be,
Pain and despair drove me to,
What I wasn’t ever to be
Desired to own a mirage, which told me,

Amit Biswas Comments

Somdeb Lahiri 11 May 2007

Terrific! Keep it up. - Somdeb.

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K Fernandes 11 September 2006

Amit is a very intense person.. and his poems reflect that intensity.. Please do continue to write..

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Uddipta Biswas 08 September 2006

hi dadbhai..its really nice......

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