A Beakers Full Of Love Poem by Patti Masterman

A Beakers Full Of Love

Rating: 5.0

Life is so mesmerizing
The sky above-
Bottomless, endless, unfathomable
Impossible distances holding the secret of
Everything that exists:
The universal chemistry kit
Which came complete with organic
Self- replicating life
Looking up, I can't imagine
All that I know and love
Came out of one furnace, one autoclave:
Art and music and living beings
Books and medicine and science
Things still unimagined right now
Maybe it's all in an obscure book
On some magicians shelf
That becomes a three dimensional
Panorama, only when he opens it
And our millenia are but
A moments ponder in his study
And he's off to yet more bubbling worlds
Stirring the seething cauldrons
Making forms out of mind
Making universes out of nothingness
And a beakers-full of love.

Ken E Hall 13 May 2010

Clever words but to your question in this thoughtful poem I think it was that fellow called God that did all this wonder...great poem regards

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William Lindenmuth 01 July 2010

my initial thoughts was that this was some sort of modern day conversion to Harry Potter, I do find myself agreeing with Ken (other comment) I may not be a religious person by nature but i am spiritual and i do beleive in a God, womeone who orchestrates the music of the spheres, and weaves a tapestry of life, in asuch a beautiful way that only faith can explain it. great thought provoking write

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* Sunprincess * 11 May 2014

................this is a great write, an original and I love there is a magician....truly enjoyed....

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Bulletcookie 2017 05 April 2012

A universal chemistry kit indeed and you seem, like Aristotle, to have captured some of the essences of the mixtures of life. Nice write.

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Jim Troy 07 August 2011

The sheer beauty of your being able to see this in that wonderful mind of your speaks volumes and agrees with your every consideration. What a searching and loving mind you have my dear friend

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Lorenzo Costigliolo 05 October 2010

A nice introspection of the wonderful plethora of experiences that are neverending and so oft forgotten. How I wish to have been able to write about them all from the very beginning.

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warner treuter 17 August 2010

You have all this and yet you think of more? Seriously, one of the best guesses I've seen yet.

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