A Beautiful Day, (Reprise) 12/09/2016 Poem by Me, Myself and I

A Beautiful Day, (Reprise) 12/09/2016

As the sun slowly pokes its sleepy head out from behind the earth,

Its golden fingers begin their ballet over our crumpled sheets,

Waking me to yet another cherished day with you,

These morning's together, it's what I most treasure,

That crooked smile of yours, and your cold feet, is the only thing that you wear,

I stretch out in our shared morning sun, as you purr so softly beside me,

For the sunshine wraps us both up in its golden grasp, as I gently entwine myself from you,

Your still burning like fire, as your fragrance hangs heavy in the morning air,

Last night's memories of desire, they are still playing on repeat deep inside my mind,

Waking to the morning sun your eyes slowly open, and we both share a smile,

I so fight the urge to stay, but shed these sheets to go and make the morning kill,

The cold floor drags my mind back into reality,

But the warmth in my heart spurs me on,

Turning my head back to look at you, my angel, my grace,

Lying there motionless locked in her stasis, you continue to hold my heart to ransom,

Waiting for 'the kiss', my sleeping beauty she will patiently lie in wait,

As finally the kettle lets loose its fanfare, it signals a hunter's success,

Returning to theatre, I present you with my offering,

And gently whisper your name, as your eyes flicker open so slowly,

As wearing just your smile you look up at me and let me know,

That everything's 'A' OK in your world,

As whatever life will bring us this day,

Whenever I'm with you, it's always going to be a 'beautiful day'

Me Myself and I

Thursday, October 6, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: angel,girlfriend,life,loss,love,love and art
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