A Better Country Poem by Theorem The Truth Serum

A Better Country

Rating: 2.9

You say that the democrats
are starting a political war.
You have finally told the truth about something.
It's been a political war ever since
you denied slaves their rights.
Then we picked a fight.
You also later denied them everyones same rights.
Then we picked a fight.
These are all fundamentally moral things
that as citizens of the US we are supposed
to be protected from.
You eavesdropp on us whenever you like.
My life is not yours you punk.
If it was I'd already be dead from
not surviving another one of your whack crusades.
It's time for the democrats to start a political war
because they are doing nothing to suppress your actions.
They too have been bending over like Tony Blair.
We need a better country.
We need a better world.
Our rights are our rights why should some politician
be able to vote them away.
We should clean them all out and hold
them accountable for their actions.
We don't push them enough.
We let them do things too freely.
The power needs to reside in the people.
That is what we are promised.
That is what we aren't getting.
We need a better country.
We need a better world.

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