A Birth Of A Nation Poem by Anthony Onoja

A Birth Of A Nation

Set the bush on wild fire, the boys lit the matchbox
See is a new dawn, with the dry sahara wind to hunt
The boys left home with dogs and sing the song of hope
They went through Ideme bushy paths basking with cutlasses
The dressed tattered, blacken with the soots of burning leaves
The dug with all their strength daring the dreadful, they fear none
Those were time Idoma land knew no song but peace and quietness
Fresh water bubble from the Onipi stream and the Omo Stream a damsel
The fulani boy with his herds, saluting the farmers in acostic manner
Then the celebrants came in 1960 that Nigeria is born from many tribes
They all sang the songs of freedom with Awolowo, Balewa and Zik
They unity we saw were like the strength of the unicorn
Light the forest let hunt our last tommorow we go to the city
Lets go secure our share in the elephant Zik caught for our tribe
Listen to the songs of chaos that arises from the Caliphate
Atlast we lost the strings of unity, we devour our hope
Above the staircase of division the uniform men came with guns
They took turn and drive us into chaos of war and crime
The mountain and forest we left now look calm than the torns of the city
Tell mama we return home abeit with empty hands we wage our years
Whisper to the elders not to cover their covens and huts
Wash our hoes and sharpen our cutlasses, Nigeria has become a monster
We went full of energy, hope and patriotism, we know musterd hate
We retired with hope and die in dispair as destitutes
We are keep hoping for tomorrow to be celebrated as kings
Nigeria we hope you embrace our fears and stop the endless killings in our lands..

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