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A Black Cat Roamed Alone At Annville Paradise

Rating: 3.6

A Black cat roamed alone
It crept cautiously along my evergreen hedge.
Thick white snow blanketed my house and yard.
This snow fell a week earlier from the snow storm Iola.
This cat imprinted its lonely footprints on white snow.
By the trail of its footprints I could guess where it has gone.
This cat was single and young.
Did it lose its parent or it just moved out?
Did it sleep by itself during this very cold winter?
Did it find a bush for protection from winter gusts?

Did it rest its head near someone's house?
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: cat,loneliness
Elysabeth Faslund 15 January 2018

This is a thinking poem, and pretty good too. You have some errors, but I can tell you loved this cat. And isn't love grand?

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Nhien Nguyen 15 January 2018

Thank you for reading and comment. Nhien

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Kimkhue Nguyen 18 August 2016

Very touching poem. Thanks for sharing.

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Nhien Nguyen 27 August 2016

Thank you much for your comment. Nhien

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Dung Nguyen 31 May 2016

How lonely this black feral cat roams alone! Thank you for feeding this cat during the cold winter!

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