A Black Man - Poem by THEODORE MOSLEY

Created from the throne of grace in His image, I became your image of hate and destruction.

Armed with intelligence and creativity, my heritage of life became the culture of movements.

Strong in my mind from birth, I adhere to the sound of blackness as I walked in the shadows of death.

I am a black man that burns your desires of equality of forbidden truths beyond your boundaries.

Confiscated for living, I flourished into markets of diamonds that pursues endless days of living.

Seen in time, my manhood overcame the power of your seduction intended for my queen.

Skilled in the battle of my mind, I overcame the warriors of your demons with education of life.

Your chains of democracy exploded within my seclusion of righteousness, as I lifted my hands to heaven.

A black man of history became your representative from the nights of dancing in the stars of your eyes.

With the power of my soul I frame the works of your hands with the intricate studies of my mind.

Eclipsing your words of persuasive matters I abandon my stand to guide you with words of adoration.

Founded on the spirit of Napoleon, you encounter the world with your tyrant molecules of justice.
Poised for the proclamation of your times, a black man endures the shipwreck of your understanding.

Walking in the confidence of his queen, he conquers the shores of his anatomy with touches of the night.

Handcuffed because of the way he looks, he challenges the doors of opportunity with freedom.

No longer answering to the chains of your reality, we chained your reality with stories of inspirations.

Like the oil from the earth, we cultivated net worth's of dreams beyond the sound of Arabian nights.

With the ways of his life a black man is destined for bars of isolations and nights of cruel intentions.

I reconciled the streets of Universities and classes of scholars as I entered the domain of my destiny.

Searching the cathedral of manuscripts, my time escaped the rapture of denial and infused science.

Equipped with the sphere of learning, my searchlight encountered the documents of medicine.

Drowning in the sea of being misunderstood, I ignited the dreams of archeology of my bones.

The future of my eyes began to submerge my thinking and I engineered works of calculus.

Seated on the streets of injustice, my seat has the gavel of justice proclaiming life for years to come.

Unmovable in the abundance of knowledge, the intensity of my flames burn the creativity of my purpose, this is a black man.

Written by Theodore Mosley
April 22,2015

Topic(s) of this poem: inspiration

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