A Flame Of Love


His heart is driven to the flame of her touches as she dances on his lips with her eyes and he explodes.

The candles of her body are caressing him as he ignites the fires of love to burn on their island of magic.

Heated with the endurance of purpose, they sing songs with their bodies; the earth held their explosion.

The ecstasy of their being withdrew the clouds of movements and a flame of love submerged their time.

With the cravings of motions, they swam the ocean of insatiable urges that found them on beds of lilies.

In the globe of their intentions, the atmosphere seduced the stars of love as Venus orchestrated notes.

Their bodies transformed the midnight air with flights of asteroids as heaven parted the Milky Way.

A flame of love erupted with the thoughts of their smiles as an unheralded hurricane of desires burned.

Concentration was not allowed with their minds as the fantasies of their love began to overflow rivers.

Tulips of emotional passions gripped the silence of their bodies as they drowned in the rain of tiger lilies.

Corresponding with the core of movements, they descended into infallible waves of body corruptions.

The sun exploded within their heat and a flame of love was discovered in their volcano of anthology.

Serenading the waters of connection, they anchored their bones into the flesh of undiscovered ecstasy.

Navigating the seas of their love with unrehearsed kisses, the ship of her floatation became unchartered.

Looking for her momentum of curves, he submerged his smile to caress her waters with unfiltered kisses.

Within the confines of their touches, a flame of love undressed their walk with waterfalls of dreams.

With the affections of his unspoken words, she escapes to exploitations of sure desires in their passions.

Holding onto the directions of his pleasures, she succumbs to his surplus of drinks found in his eyes.

Searching the silhouette of her dimensions, his flight of love caressed her mind; the sheets of love burned.

A flame of love caught the shadow of honeysuckle scents and created rose petals of waters in her hair.

Dreaming of snow to caress her wisdom, he serenades her body with melodies of notes in the dark.

Hearing the piano with her movement of persuasions, his body encounters the earth moving in eruptions.

Her noise of desires brings the birds to choir notes that are heard on the Eiffel Tower of lover's heart.

The fireplace has a flame of love burning the entrance of her waters as they entertain the flames of one.

Centered on the air of her amusement, she sustains the golden image of her apparel with Egypt's fables.

Calling the night for dreams of lava, they consent for wells of flames that penetrate her night's cries.

Shielding his lovers' poetry in motion, he uncovers her romantic bliss with his coronation of jewels.

A flame of love united in an abyss of swirls that captured the nights with saturated emotions of flames.

Written by Theodore Mosley
June 1,2015