Trees Dancing In The Moonlight

At the dawning of time we look and find creation on the eyes of the creator.
The seas and the mountains are waking to the touch of smiles coming from heaven.
We see the trees dancing in the moonlight and the stars begin to explore darkness for resting.
Rain and sun shouts to the ends of time and man become involve in shadows of mysteries.
Upon hearing the doors of life open the Orion sells itself to obscurity to be heard in Nazarene.
Showing the catalyst of love the doors invite another guest to prosper from the windows of snowfalls.
The trees dancing in the moonlight and the author of winds are whispering to hearts of attractions.
Flowers are talking to doves wings as they accelerate upon the hills of nights to defend broken hearts.
With fires representing themselves in passion, the world is caught with unknown songs of deliverance.
Fading in the daylight of dreams, the covenant of love is crying for hearts to unite upon beds of passion.
The trees dancing in the moonlight are calling for romance to bloom on the souls of faithfulness.
Withdrawn and defeated the eyes of clouds have drained the tears with violins playing harmoniously.
Seeking the seashores of the whispering pines the explosion of distrust has violated the night.
The ocean floor is playing symphonies of melodies for the moon to ignite kisses on Uranus bed.
The trees dancing in the moonlight has escaped to waterfalls dancing on bodies of unspoken dreams.
Captivated and adorned the honeysuckles are empowering scents to move with snow driven love.
When the moon talked to the sea creatures the day brought about confessions of rainfalls in the night.
Looking for hearts of like passions the volcano erupted and their bodies were swept away in Pompeii.
The trees dancing in the moonlight took flight with summer breezes that the autumn leaves embraced.
Savoring the moment of the tiger lilies the rays of the sun began and ended in the forbidden forest.
Rose scented hearts found the piano playing in the dark to caress their thoughts to notes of music.
Drinking each melody the sound became movement for her curves as she ascended her quest.
The trees dancing in the moonlight became her insatiable thirst as she opened her eyes forever.

Written by Theodore Mosley
December 10,2014

Dimitrios Galanis 27 January 2016

Great, great metaphors, never in conception of any other poet born on earth.I have read poets great written those two a half thousand years.Such metapfors were never used, and so many[! ].

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Theodore Mosley 28 January 2016

Mr. Galanis I truly thank you for all the encouraging words. Thank you and have a bless weekend!

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