A Botanical Bounty Poem by David Lacey

A Botanical Bounty

A botanical bounty concealed within chasmed beauty,
Bound in primeval anticipation, Fingers grow furious in their grasp
As the poet dreams of the poet Queen, The poets dreams begin to lapse.
Evocative in duration, incantations of sedation, meditation, masturbation
Which is it that will lead the way? Which will last beyond the day?
Lead us through from the past, to the present, into the unknown.
Which will leave us with something new to say?
Which will empower us with the strength,
To turn back the force of a thousand sprites?
As we shower, basking in the sun's embrace
Why should we spurn he source?
Why should we turn our backs upon the light?

As spirits fair of love locked hair meandered by the riverside
Slack jawed skins shook begrudging grins, trying not to stare.
Their way never to run, but to hide behind the possibility slim,
Of coming home untarnished, unscathed upon a whim.

Bearing varnished vanities breeding upon the insanity of need
When all you're wanting is a place to call your own,
A place to feed. A place serene in solitude within which
You may find yourself alone, A place to call your home sweet home.

A far cry away from the looking glass taunting,
As cryptic secrets keep on haunting, slipping in the shadows
Of Love. Of Love's long lost dream never knowing, never shown
To what extent the meaning of her visions reveal in streaming
Knowledge from the heavens. Be it the flight of the bird?
For all birds have flown without reason,
Below the stars above still gleaming,
In waiting for Love to recapture the moment
In waiting for Love to adept to discontent
Anything to recover, for her alike no other
Loves long lost dream.

trisha evensen 08 May 2006

make your dream come true, only you have the power.......

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