Memory Slips As Memory Fades

Alas I know not where to go, for all the places I know, I've been.
Alas I have been shown not where to go nor can I remember all I've seen.
Memory slips as memory fades as shades they flip exposed to flames.

As insects roast upon the embers of the fire,
A blaze trailed through the void of darkness,
Breathing destruction upon dry bone leaves,
Bearing down destruction upon well established trees.

The crown of the forest resides his power
Biding his time awaiting the shower of inferno
Gatherings as the elders race forever young towards
the fountain groves to quench their tongues

A new race has begun, another year of wondering
Aimlessly it seems trying to find a meaning etched
Within our dreams. These eyes grow tired each second past,
I'll try still I fear I'll never last
I fear I may have lain placid upon the grass too long.

That I may never come to see the day pass in death
Only to see life breathe anew by the dawn.
Born of rosy fingered bliss, born wild of the sweetest kiss.
Of this beauty I was never warned nor could I ever prepare
For confrontation with the Emerald Goddess of lust loved hair,
Or of raven queens, black ribbons sisters in distress,
How could we of know she was the devil's mistress?
How could we prepare?